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What do you get when you crammed a Land Rover Defender with de-mountable furniture and with that travels from Huisduinen to Ibiza? An adventure! “And if you enter the adventure then with your fifteen year old daughter, it is an experience never to forget,” said Erwin Smit.

As the owner of Opsetims Erwin makes (children’s) furniture in his workshop in Huisduinen for already many years now with his own hands. “A hobby that has gradually become professional from the moment that I first made some furniture for my children, because I could not find any in stores where I was looking. Since then I never stopped and my target audience has increasingly widened over the years; from purely my own children to basically everyone nowadays.”

“Together with a photographer we have crossed throughout the island to unload our furniture on the most beautiful places and set up the furniture nicely for the photo. Great fun to do, but really crazy work.

Newfangled vintage
Inspiration for his work draws Erwin out of anything and everything. Like that also from Ibiza where he was was frequently in the past. “The island is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people have there their own home. Furthermore, the Ibiza trend in fashion and interior comes to the Netherlands. “This inspired Erwin to create some nice furniture in Ibiza style. But not for sale in the Netherlands, just basically on the island self. “You never know …” Newfangled vintage furniture had it to be. “And those are. They look vintage, but still newly made.”

Together with daughter
He did not do this project on his own. “Very special, but I have involved my youngest daughter Deirdre in this adventure. I make the furniture, she paints them in Ibicenco colors. A wonderful collaboration, especially for me as a father. “And if the result has been really good, you might think that nothing can get in the way to a success. Although … “I made the furniture in my own workshop in the Netherlands, but they had to go to Ibiza. And to be shipped everything expensive… ”

The solution Erwin found in one of his other passions: his Land Rover Defender with roof tent. “Fortunately, I had consciously made the furniture de-mountable for easier transport. It was a bit fit and measuring, but eventually everything fit perfectly into the Defender, even the Ibiza Heaven Bed.”

Moreover, there was still plenty of room for daughter Deirdre.

On Ibiza
“With the car fully loaded, we drove the first day of our road trip adventure to Dijon. The first night in the roof tent, but unfortunately with very bad weather. Not only at night but also during the day while driving. “Still the couple managed to reach Barcelona by time to catch the ferry to Ibiza. “It was however, not easy to look for the correct terminal. And over there we have some crazy looks because of the fully loaded car. It took a while before we had made it apparent what we going to do with all that stuff and we actually got permission to go on board. “After a night on the water the Ibiza adventure could really begin.

Crazy work
“Together with a photographer we have crossed throughout the island to unload our furniture on the most beautiful places and set up the furniture nicely for the photo. Great fun to do, but really crazy work. My daughter wondered out loud rightly a few times wondering what on earth we were doing. Unload, assemble, and photographing and everything back into the car to do the same elsewhere again.

“But in the end everything is always good, Erwin knows, and that is also reflected in the outcome of the photos.

To be spontaneous

With this however did not stop the adventure for father and daughter. “When all the shooting was behind and the furniture was safely arrived at Haco – they handle the sales – we stayed for another four days on the island. Nice spontaneous seen putt-putting around and see where you end up. We used to do that before and then we just slept on the beach, but that was for Deirdre just too much of a good thing. Thus, the roof tent was for these few days the solution. ”

Remarkable found the two of them the large number of other Defenders they saw driving during their road trip across the island. “The good thing is, normally you always wave to other Defender riders if you run into. We also did on Ibiza, but almost no one waved back. Very weird! Until we heard that most Defenders here are just rental cars, especially leased to ‘glamazons’, which are off course unaware of this tradition … ”

To be continued?

After fourteen days and 4,500 kilometers on the clock there became an end to the father daughter adventure. “An adventure that we have created together and brought beautiful, emotional memories of the old days, from the time when Deirdre was still a young kid and often went on holiday to Ibiza as a family. But also an adventure that has created new, lasting memories. Working together and travel together with your daughter … In my eyes still a little girl, but, as I have experienced this two weeks, now much more mature than I thought. Little girls grow up. “If this Ibiza adventure also becomes huge, and probably is just the beginning of something new, remains to be seen and wait. “But an adventure I will simply never get out of the way …”

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